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Hair Treatment

Laser Therapy (Low Level Laser Therapy)

LLLT is among one of the very few non surgical treatment modalities that has been approved by US-FDA (2007) for treatment of hair loss.

LLLT Hair restoration treatment is also called as Cold laser, Biostimulation, Soft laser and Photobiomodulation. It is suitable for both men and women suffering from androgenetic or other forms of alopecia, like diffuse and spot baldness. It is also given to patients so as to improve the hair growth after hair transplant. It is painless, safe and works by increasing the flow of blood in the scalp. It stimulates hair follicle and produces thicker and healtier hair.

At Dermaplus, we use LLLT as a adjuvant therapy for hair loss along with PRP and Mesotheapy.

P.R.P. injection (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP Therapy
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) has emerged as a simple non-surgical option to treat hair loss, especially in the early stages before one has literally become bald. PRP can stop the hair loss and result in 30% more hair growth, with new hair shafts as well as thicker hair.It is a non surgical treatment option for hair loss with no downtime and relatively safe. It can be combined with minoxidil and/or finasteride for enhanced effect. There are over 20 studies in the medical literature demonstrating PRP effectiveness in stopping hair loss and improving scalp hair caliber and density.The entire process will take about 30-40 minutes. The PRP will stimulate inactive hair follicles to enter the active growth phase.We recommend avoiding Aspirin (ASA) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDS) prior to treatment and for one week post treatment as these drugs interfere with platelet function.

PRP is an effective treatment option for young men with early hair loss that are not candidates for hair transplantation because the extent of their potential baldness has not been established yet. The back of the head has a limited number of hairs available for transplantation, and until the full pattern of hair loss is established, it would be prudent to wait for a hair transplant. If PRP can slow the hair loss process down, and even result in new hair growth, the young adult male can defer hair transplant surgery. Perhaps even avoid it!

PRP can also be done prior to hair transplant to strengthen the donor area. Also, female patterns of hair loss are very amenable to PRP scalp injections

The PRP Scalp therapy can be done at 2-4 weeks intervals. However we recommend 6-8 sessions for desired improvements in hair.


Using a specialized cocktail, your scalp is essentially given a vitamin boost which can improve the blood circulation in this area. Better circulation allows your hair follicles to be better nourished…all of which can improve hair re-growth.

In standard mesotherapy, a meso gun is used to inject meso cocktail at a predetermined depth and rate. These micro injections cause minimal discomfort.

In the needle free mesotherapy procedure, the principle of ‘electroporation’ is used, where micropores of skin are opened and therapeutic solutions are allowed to penetrate the scalp. This is totally pain free procedure that could reduce the turnaround time for natural hair growth following effective medical treatment. Usually ten sittings (one sitting every week )are needed for good results. Results usually become evident after 4-5 week of treatment.