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Q1. Will there be any permanent mark after hair transplant?

Ans:- There will be one straight line in posterior scalp , which is not visible as graft is harvested in a manner to allow hair growth in scar. There will not be any scar anteriorly, where hairs are grafted.

Q2. Will transplanted hairs be my own original hairs?

Ans:- Yes, they are your own hairs.

Q3. Will transplanted hairs grow like normal hairs?

Ans:- Yes they will grow with rest of your hairs and like rest of hairs , you will need to get them dressed time to time.

Q4. Will transplanted hairs grow after hair cut or Shaving ?

Ans:- Yes, these are your normal hairs shifted from one place to other.

Q5. Will transplanted hairs stay on my scalp for whole life?

Ans:- Yes, most probably. They will stay there as long your posterior hairs ( donor area ) are there. Can be lost only if you have strong tendency of complete baldness.

Q6. Can I apply oil and can I dye my transplanted hairs?

Ans:- You can use any oil which is commonly used for hairs, dyeing with chemicals usually not advised. Even the products claiming to herbal, may contain harmful substances, because of poor quality control.

Q7. What about hair loss and hair transplant in females (women)?

Ans:- Hair loss in females are more or less similar to that in males. It can be because of nutritional deficiency, illness or some stress. Male pattern baldness ( due to excess male sex hormone) can present both as development of male like hair patter (recession in side) or as diffuse hair loss. Hair grafting is useful both in males and females.

Q8. Does hair loss in females (women ) specify some systemic problem?

Ans:- Yes , it can be . hair loss may be associated with some generalized problem in both male and females. In females , when associated with development of facial ( like beard and moustaches) and body hairs , disturbances of menstruation and change in breast and sex organs, indicates some male sex hormone secreting tumor or some enzyme deficiency , which increases level of male sex hormones. For such problems always better to consult your doctor to get improvement and better control of hairs.

Q9. Any rest required ?

Ans:- No, bed rest is not required, You may leave hospital half an hour after surgery, Relax sleep overnight, its better to take leave from work for 2-3 days, avoid exertion and heavy work for a week at least.